Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome to Collegiate on TV

Welcome to Collegiate on TV, your weblog for television news, recaps and snarky remarks. This offshoot of Grand Rapids Community College’s student newspaper The Collegiate is not the official opinion of the paper, but rather that of the individual authors. (Who tend to work for The Collegiate, yes? Yes, we do.) You can get caught up on some of your favorite shows on this site. We write with a Grand Rapids focus, with students and staff of GRCC in mind, while writing for an international audience.

We take television seriously here, but we do not mean to write seriously all of the time. It is our hope that you enjoy television as well and have a sense of humor about it as well. (If not, that is what comments are for!) For every show that airs, we'll be taking a look at what worked and what didn't work for the program. We'll give praise where praise is due, but if it "deserves" criticism, we'll dish it out, too.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope that you will check back often!

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