Wednesday, January 30, 2008

House: It's a Wonderful Life

Thank you, FOX, for holding on to a Christmas-themed episode of House until the end of January. I feel so full of holiday cheer and I cannot wait to exchange gifts on Christmas morning... eleven months from now.

The episode featured a post-West Wing Janel Moloney, playing a single mom whose hands became paralyzed. And then the rest of her body goes absolutely crazy for no good reason, in typical House style.

What worked: The dynamic between the mother and daughter, who value honesty above anything else, made for a nice struggle between the team who couldn't seem to fathom someone who won't tell a white lie. The new team (Kutner, Taub, Thirteen) did a good job, filling in the shoes of the old team. It was a nice transition and it worked fairly well. Even though I'm sure she'll only last a couple episodes, the chemistry between House and the prostitute was terrific. And Thirteen actually had speaking lines - and was smart! Who knew?

What didn't work: Are doctors supposed to save your life or question your honorable parenting styles? Honestly now, just how annoyed would you be if all of your doctors were questioning your "no lie" policy after you became partly paralyzed, blind and with trouble breathing? Seriously now. Kutner has become the new Cameron, doing what he can to suck up to House. Taub is the new Foreman, the one who does his job but quietly and forgettably.

Also, I hope that the people who play Chase and Cameron can do some other acting jobs on the side, because the show right now must pay them nothing, and must be an incredibly boring job to hold.

Stay tuned Sunday, Feb. 3rd, for a special episode after the SuperBowl. From what I've heard, there is a deliciously satisfying and unexpected twist in the end, involving one of the main character's love life. Stay tuned for more.


Princess said...

oo i love house!!!

DLamb said...

i'm excited to see the new episode after the superbowl