Monday, February 4, 2008

House: Frozen

The SuperBowl came and left and gave us a special, new installment of House! Let's just hope that Nikke Finke is right and the writer's strike ends soon so we can get a few more episodes out this season. The writing has been consistently good and the comedy fresh and entertaining, which is probably the first time I can really say that about a whole season of House.

What happened: Our victims are researchers working on a windmill farm in the south pole. After a blade falls off and hits the guy, the female doctor (primarily a psychiatrist, not a medical doctor) starts to save his life. But she starts to feel sick. So they hook up their apparently HiDef WebCam and seek out Princeton Plainsboro for help. House starts to fall for the victim as he works to diagnose what's wrong with her via web cam, three quarters of a world away.

Meanwhile, he sent his team to annoy Cameron, whose finance committee decided that cable should be a pay-to-watch service, cramping House's style. The team tries to make House believe Cameron quit the committee and that she got fired, but he yells at them for trying to outsmart him and tells them to quit playing games, stand up to him, quit worrying about getting fired and get to work. Eventually they figure out that the clots, spasms and other problems over in the south pole are because of a broken toe (!?) and all is well with everyone. Wilson is dating and SPOILER!!! it's......... Amber, ie. "Cutthroat Bitch."

What worked: The humor in this episode was outstanding. From House's interactions with the patient to the especially funny interactions with Wilson, the episode was chock full of humor. Here are some of my favorites:
"She says she cares about other people? What a poser." - Wilson
"The reason I haven't told you is-" Wilson, explaining to House why he hasn't heard of his new girlfriend, right before he bolts for the door.
"Oh no! I'm screwed." - Cate, the patient, after she suffers another medical episode.
"I'll be fine on Tuesdays." - House, after being told he'll only have broadcast network to watch at work for free.
"Cuddy, your ex-wives-" "Your mama." - House and Wilson, discussing who Wilson is dating.
"I love you." - Kutner to House, after the team tries to figure out what House wants them to say to him.

What didn't work: Not much didn't work, which is a great thing and a little unusual for House. I'm a little surprised that the hospital, the south pole and House's laptop all have amazing hi-def webcams that have great resolution at full screen, but I am not up-to-speed on webcams, so maybe that is commonplace and I sound like a whiner right now. (But I am, so I'm alright with that.) By trying to include Cameron in this episode, we cut down on what normally would have been more time with Cuddy. I love both Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer, but I cannot see them being on the show next year at all.

This Tuesday: Another all-new episode! Is this the last new one for a while? I think it might be. House's patient - a hasidic jew - slips away from him, supposedly, and Wilson spends more time with his girlfriend, Amber. Who, as House surmises, is manipulative, smart and controlling. "Oh my god! You're sleeping with me!"

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