Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Idol Top 24 Performances

American Idol is in full swing, and the top 24 hit the stage for their first round of live performances on Idol. Now in season 7, this is the first year that the early rounds are being assigned themes. This week, the top 12 guys & the top 12 girls tackled music from the 60s...and to varying levels of success.
(Left: From down under, Micheal Johns.)

The Guys

First let's begin with the bad news...

The worst: Even though his backstory was touching and he has an adorable son, nothing could save audiences from Jason Yeager's sleepy, boring rendition of "Moon River." If everyone's hearing was in check, Yeager is the first to deserve the boot.

Two guys will be eliminated. As such, contestants Garret Haley, Colten Berry, and Chikezie are in possible danger. Though, look for the absolutely gorgeous Luke Menard to be sent back home. Seriously, the man looks like some genious combination of Patrick Dempsey and Orlando Bloom. Unfortunately, his performance was dull. If you just turn the volume down on your TV, you could mistake his screentime as a glimpse of Heaven.

The Best: David Archuleta has a good voice and fits perfectly into the 'adorable' category. Only a major mistep will keep him from the top 12. Dread-locked Jason Castro is one of the few finalists that is unique and original. But, the best performance of BOTH guys & girls night was that of Australian bloke Michael Johns, who belted out "Light My Fire," and boy I tell you, he sure did. ;-)

The Girls

The Worst: The judges love her, but I can't help comparing Amanda Overmyer to season five's Taylor Hicks. Sorry, she's a one-trick pony, and it's not even that good of a trick. That's just me, though; she'll make it through. In danger are Amy Davis, Kristy Lee Cook, and Kady Malloy.

The Best: As Simon said, this season the girls & guys are fairly evenly matched. While Castro, Archuleta & Johns shined on Tuesday, Wednesday boasted quite a few great and promising performances from the ladies.

At the top of the list is the amazing S-YES-sha Mercado. Sorry, it's Paula Abdul humor. So far, no one else can sing like this girl, who reworked "Tobacco Road." Others to watch for excellence include Carrie-Underwood doppleganger Alaina Whitaker, Asia'h Epperson, and good-girl Brooke White. Alexandrea Lushington, Ramiele Maluby, and Carly Smithson also show great potential.

Overall, this was definitely a good group of top 24 performances. No one was truly awful, though only a special few were beyond amazing. I didn't vote, but so far my favorites are definitely Michael Johns and Syesha Mercado. By the way, I love when the judges banter. Simon and Ryan account for over half show's charm.

Tune in Thursday night at 8pm for the results on FOX.

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Anonymous said...

I don't care about AI or any of the contestants this year. Nothing there of interest. I don't as a rule comment on blogs but I couldn't let this one pass. You can call Mr. Hicks anything you want , makes no differenc, but one trick pony is ridiculous. He can sing, he can move, he can write, he can arrange, he has a great band, and he is a musician. One of the best around on the harp. And he can do it in just about any kind of genre.
Sorry, but that remark was just dumb.