Saturday, February 9, 2008

One-Line Review

The One-Line Review is a weekly recap of television shows and news. They may include run-on sentences, but only one period is allowed per show.

- Eli Stone continues to be good and heartwarming, but please lay off the George Michael!
- Lost is so completely confusing, but I still love it.
- American Idol is entering Hollywood week, so maybe there will be something to blog about then.
- Terminator is enjoyable enough, but can kind of drag in parts.
- Private Practice may yet push out a few new episodes for this season if the strike ends.
- Lipstick Jungle premiered and was better than Cashmere Mafia, thanks in no small part to having a standard in production values.
- House aired the last filmed episode, and I hope Wilson keeps going out with "Cutthroat Bitch."
- I saw the first few minutes of Wife Swap this week, I feel corrupted.
- The WGA strike may be done this weekend and production might start on shows this Monday.
- J.J. Abrams keeps casting people for his show Fringe, the cast is starting to become kind of big.
- I don't watch Big Brother, I feel like I'm a minority for doing so.

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