Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Round-Up

Here are some thoughts and views about the 2008 Super Bowl:
- It was the most-watched Super Bowl ever with 97.5 million viewers, and the second most-watched TV program ever, next to the series finale of M*A*S*H* which had 106 million.
- An Arcade Fire song was used for a commercial without consent. If your band won't "sell out," then someone else can make it look like you "sold out" for you.
- Bud, Tide and Pepsi seemed to have the best-reviewed commercials.
- Where Super Bowl commercials ever funny to begin with?
- TVNewser and Inside Cable News both look back on the FOX News politics/sports newscast that aired earlier in the day.
- Watch Jordin Sparks sing the national anthem.
- Also check out Paula Abdul's over-processed singing comeback, if you dare. Was she lip-synching? We don't know, because the video rarely did a close-up of her face!
- TVGuide's Matt Roush weighs in on the Super Sunday events, from the FOX News festivities all the way to the House episode.

Also, USAToday's Ad Meter allows you to watch all 50+ SuperBowl commercials. (TVSquad also has them up.)According to the meter, the Budweiser commercial with the dog training a Clydesdale ranked as the most popular, followed by the FedEx pigeon ad and the Bridgestone "scream" ad. For what it's worth, here are my top picks and pans from last night:

- The Pepsi/Justin Timberlake commercial
- The Coca-Cola commercial with the parade floats
- The FedEx pigeon ad
- Wall-E movie trailer
- The Audi godfather spoof

- The SalesGenie commercials, which were actually somewhat insensitive and offensive
- The Will Ferrell spots. He keeps playing the same character, who was funny the first time around, but now it's old hat and tiresome.
- The UnderArmor commercial. Does wearing compression athletic wear inspire mobs and street gangs? Is it only the clothing of the extreme elite and uber-cool? Because, I think Wal-Mart sells that stuff. Just saying.
- Trailers for Jumper, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Wanted, Iron Man and Narnia. They were either oddly cut or they just felt uninspired, unoriginal.

What about you? Which of the Super Bowl commercials wowed your party? Which ones left a sour taste in your mouth?

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