Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Terminator: Demon Hand

Say, do you think Cameron might be slightly human? I wasn't quite sure, what with the show beating it into our skulls for a whole hour. That aside, this was another fairly enjoyable episode. And seeing as next week is the 2-hour season finale, I would hope that these would all be good episodes. But enough general ramblings. Let's get to the recap.

The recap: Derek does not like Cameron. He "knows who she is." She "knows who he is." And they do not specify how they know each other or why they abnormally dislike each other. *sigh* Remember the creator of the Turk, how he had a Russian partner? Said Russian partner's sister is a ballet instructor, so to get close to the Russian, Cameron started taking ballet lessons. It was not as funny as I hoped, but still rewarding. Cameron finds out what she needs (a picture of who wanted the Turk), and long story short, leaves her ballet instructor to die. COLD.

Ellison is hot on the trail of Sarah Connor. He watched videos of when she spent time in the crazy ward. And he's obsessed with that spare T-888 hand that he keeps in his freezer. (I guess that's as good as any place to keep it...?) Somehow Sarah figures out that Ellison has the hand, so she casually breaks into his house. A high-level FBI agent doesn't have Brinks? Anyways, she snags a tape, which John later watches alone, where Sarah signs away her parental rights. John is sad, because now he thinks she's not his mom...? But then mom's like, dude, I broke out of that place to get you. Sorry? Sarah and John burn the T-888 hand, and Derek see's Cameron doing ballet, which will make her not kill us all or something.

There was also a subplot with Dr. Silverman from the asylum being a crazed believer, kidnapping Ellison and Sarah saving Ellison, but he thinks that he was hallucinating or whatever. Oh, and Arnold's Terminator may be God, and Sarah may be Jesus. Just so you know.

What worked: The show has a slow pace, but it's consistent. The actress who plays Sarah Connor absolutely rocks all her scenes. The show itself isn't necessarily award-worthy, but Lena Headly absolutely deserves at least a nod.

What didn't work: Ellison. I love the character, but his plotlines always feel... fake. Contrived. Done just to be a convenience later. Please, show. Stop.

Next week:
The show ends for the season. Or maybe forever! Because ratings have been low, considering the advertising money spent and the high budget for the show. We'll see!

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