Monday, February 18, 2008

Why no one will like the Oscars

This Sunday night, the Oscars are to be handed out live on national television. It is one of the highest-rated telecasts of the year. The money spent on advertising during the awards show is starting to equal that of the Superbowl. And every year, people hate the Oscars. Why?

First off, there's the problem with the "host." The host, if you will notice, is responsible for entertaining you for the first fifteen minutes, then probably appears for a grand total of five minutes for the rest of the night. The host is usually the most-hyped part about the night, and it is almost always a let down. Not just because they are barely on, but because their jokes are trying to pander to such a wide audience that generally, they are more safe than creative, more bland than funny, dull rather than entertaining, and so forth.

Then there's the fact that people feel that only movies that they have seen should be nominated. It doesn't matter if the nominated films are actually award-worthy when compared to everything else. Mainstream America likes it's mainstream films. And if the film can't make more than $50 million, it doesn't deserve an award. (Speaking of not-mainstream, the little independent film Bella got snubbed by the Academy, which I will never forgive them for.)

Finally, people complain every year that the show is too long. It's scheduled to end at 11, but some years goes close to midnight. (If we are so fortunate!) And despite the fact that the whole premise of the award show, of ANY award show is people congratulating each other, people find that when it involves anyone in Hollywood, it's suddenly pretentious and snobby.

Personally, I find the Oscars to be fun, invigorating and an enjoyable mess to watch for hours. But I know I'm in the majority. Monday's press will have headlines like Stuffy Oscars go on too long, Show out of touch with America? and Why the Oscars don't matter. (Maybe some of those stories in The Collegiate even!) But I don't care. It's a night full of pomp, ceremony and it can actually sometimes help showcase some really good, deserving talent. If only people were more open to it.

What about you? Do you like the Oscars? Or do you think they are out of touch with the heartland? And what would you change about the show? (Me, personally, I would get rid of the host.)

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