Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Idol Top 11 Performances

Most would assume that devoting one week to the Lennon-McCartney songbook is enough. However, for some reason, American Idol producers decided to prolong the theme by reserving the Beatles’ songbook for this week’s performances. Though there are so many wonderful and memorable songs to choose from the British phenomenon, the Idol’s renditions fell short of ‘wonderful,’ and most viewers are hoping to forget this somewhat dreary week.

(Above: Syesha Mercado's will fondly look back upon "Yesterday;" a performance that left the rest in the dust.)
Last week, David Hernandez was voted off. It was a surprise to many as several people thought Kristy Lee Cook, who was in the bottom three, would be eliminated. Some have speculated if news about his past occupation affected the vote. I would like to think not, but perhaps it played a part.

· Amanda Overmeyer- ”Back To The USSR”
The song suited her style, and she has a strong, consistent voice. The problem is she’s become exceedingly predictable, which takes away from the whole ‘rock’ edge she supposedly has.
· Kristy Lee Cook- ”You Got To Hide Your Love Away”
Understandably after last week, Kristy wanted to pick an easier song and let it be. The result was a safe, boring performance. It was better than last week, but it was still weak.
· David Archuleta- ”The Long and Winding Road”
He has a tendency to pick songs that are a little too old for him, but this was a good performance since it redeemed him from last week.
· Michael Johns- ”A Day In The Life”
His performance had decent moments, but the song was altogether too complicated to be crammed into such a short time. He needs to appease the judges and viewers by picking a big, great song choice next week. So far he’s been coasting, but it won’t last for long.
· Brooke White- ”Here Comes The Sun”
Brooke gave an uncharacteristically weird and awkward performance. The song choice didn’t work because she didn’t do anything to make it her own. Instead, the performance was safe, too easy, and fell flat.
· David Cook– ”Day Tripper”
His performance was fun and interesting, but it doesn't compare to his rocking rendition of “Hello.” David better heed Simon’s warning of becoming predictable or the sheen of his fancy guitar will fade.
· Carly Smithson- ”Blackbird”
This was probably Carly’s weakest performance so far. It was nice to hear her try something softer, but it turned out a bit dull in some parts. She’s still fantastic though, and she should hopefully continue on to next week.
· Jason Castro- ”Michelle”
His choice of song was also quite strange, and it wasn’t worth fumbling through some French phrases to perform. The song didn’t fit him, and unfortunately, this dreadlocked charmer may be in danger.
· Syesha Mercado- ”Yesterday”
Syesha had the best song choice of the night, selecting something that fit her style and allowed for a lovely arrangement. Her voice was on spot, and she gave the only truly good performance of the evening.
· Chikezie- ”I’ve Just Seen A Face”
The slow intro of the song was smooth and nice, but when the harmonica entered, a cheesy Chikezie hoedown began, and it was not pretty. It was another odd moment on a very strange performance night.
· Ramiele Maluby- ”I Should’ve Known Better”
It was good that Ramiele was trying to change things up and attempt a more up-tempo song. The trouble is that her voice isn’t strong or memorable enough. It may be too little too late.

Who Stays & Who Goes
· Syesha Mercado had the best performance of the night along with an amazing return from David Archuleta. They should both be safe.
· Michael Johns, Brooke White, David Cook, Carly Smithson, and Jason Castro didn’t live up to their previous performances, but they have each shown great promise so far in the competition. This group of contestants deserves another chance on the show.
· Amanda Overmeyer, Kristy Lee Cook, and Ramiele Maluby are the contestants most likely in danger, as they have been consistently predictable, safe and lackluster.
· Chikezie is a tough call. He’s talented, fun and likable. However, the cheese factor in last night’s performance may have been a bit much.

Tune in tonight at 8:58pm for the results on FOX.

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