Friday, March 7, 2008

Lipstick Jungle: Dressed to Kill

Deception. Lies. Mistrust. Bonfire magazine. Guess which of those four things made me most excited during this episode of LJ? Bonfire, of course. Being episode 5, the show finally decided we were ready to see copies of the magazine that Nico helms. Of course, it made a small cameo only, when Victory was reading it in Nico's office. But nevertheless, it was there! The show has finally hit it's stride, and unfortunately, it looks like this show might get picked up. I chose to recap this show because I thought it would be canceled. I am bummed.

The recap: Wendy's husband, Shane, used to be a musician for a mediocre jazz band. Wendy is smitten by this and submits the tape to a movie she's working on and gets Shane a job. He thinks it's not because Wendy pulled strings, but, she did! Some people think Nico's not having an affair, but, she is! And she sets up rules with BoyToy, then breaks them. That's about how far Nico progressed this week. Victory discovered her old assistant sold her designs to a fashion designer and taught her a lesson, or something. Anyways, nothing happened in a satisfying way, but it impressed an investor who wants to use Victory Ford to start up his new fashion line. So Victory gets to have a job again. I'm sure that will be thrilling to watch.

What worked: Did you see Ricardo, that 'evil' fashion designer? He looked like an elf from Lord of the Rings! But, he talked like the food critic from Frasier. I wanted more of him! I have to say, Kim Raver could probably deservedly get an Emmy nod for her gig. Not for her character, which is written rather poorly. (As is the show.) But Raver knocks it out of the park consistently.

What didn't work: For a scene, we were supposed to think that BoyToy had a girlfriend, and Nico was sad. The orchestra swelled sympathetically for her. I'm sorry, but HOW are we supposed to feel sad for Nico that BoyToy got a girlfrield? She is using BoyToy for sex. Behind her husband's back. BoyToy sued Nico for what, 90 minutes?, and I can't imagine that there is still a compelling reason he wants to be with Nico. All in all, the show wants us to be sympathetic that Nico and BoyToy's hearts are broken, when there is no justification for that.

Also, I decided I wold wait a while before making a judgment about this, but: the theme song? Doesn't work. And the slow fade-outs to commercials make the show feel like a cheesy, low-budget TV movie, or like a Lifetime movie. (Same thing?)

Next week's episode: Take the High Road: Nico uses secret information from Wendy to benefit her Bonfire magazine, while Victory enjoys having an investor. And BoyToy's eyebrows will probably continue to distract from the rest of his body. Seriously, thin them!

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