Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost: Ji Yeon

This is the second to the last episode before the break. And a very head-splitting episode of Lost. I'm pouring over my notes and will try to separate fact from theory. And then I'll cry a little, because this episode deserved it. Here's what happened in the different storyline:

The boat: Frank took the helicopter to run an "errand" on the island, but not before giving Desmond and Sayid some lima beans for a mean. (The kitchen had problems) Along the way he sees a woman, Regina, who was reading a book upside-down. Later, in Des & Sayid's room, a note gets slid underneath the door: "Don't trust the captain."

Later, Des & Sayid are brought to the deck to meet the captain. On the way, they see Regina - covered in chains - jump over the side of the boat. No one reacts, save for Des & Sayid. The captain, Gault, comes out and said that he doesn't want to lose any more people going in and trying to retrieve Regina. He said that his crew has been suffering from a "heightened case of cabin fever," and that the boat belongs to Charles Widmore. (Perking Desmond's ears.)

Gault takes Des & Sayid into his cabin, where he pulls out the Black Box from Flight 815. He explains that it was retrieved with the wreckage, along with the 324 bodies. Gault theorizes that, since there are actual real survivors, that the wreckage she found was staged. And it would take a lot of money and resources to stage the crash. And that is, in part, why the boat crew want Benjamin Linus for answers.

The boat's doctor then escorts Sayid and Desmond to their new room, which has a terrible post-suicide (?) blood stain left. The doctor gets mad and yells at the far-away janitor "Kevin Johnson" to come clean it up. But this Kevin Johnson, you see, is someone that Sayid knows well and that Desmond has a good idea about who he is: MICHAEL. Walt's dad. MICHAEL. It might be more shocking if the actor wasn't credited for the past several episodes, but, still. He's back - and with a haircut.

Jin & Sun: Jin & Sun discuss baby names (Ji Yeon for a girl) and are absolutely adorable in the process. Sun starts to believe that they won't be rescued, so she and Jin start to pack up to go to Locke's camp. Juliet thinks this is a terrible idea and tries to get them to stop. They won't, so Juliet pulls out the "there are only three weeks left to live" card, and fails. She then pulls out her trump card: "Jin, your wife had an affair." Jin leaves angrily. Jin and Sun have a little tift (understandably), when Bernard comes and winds up fishing with Jin. (On Karl's boat?) Bernard then talks about how marriage is, how karma comes back around, yadayada... Sun and Jin are a happy couple. Jin knows he was a jerk, and forgives Sun. And now Jin knows that the baby is his.

Kate vs. World: Kate is a jerk. Kate, the con artists/murderer, is mad because Charlotte knocked her unconscious. For similar reasons that Kate would have knocked Charlotte out for, if the missions were reversed. Kate is very upset, very angry and probably not going to become good friends with the fiery redhead anytime soon.

Flashback: Jin: It's the Year of the Dragon, which is in the year 2000 mainly. Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto Lost Island on Sept. 22, 2004. Jin is busy trying to buy a panda and make it to the hospital on time. We were supposed to think he was on his way to see Sun, in 2005, but, it's 2000! And he is on his way to give the panda to an associate of Sun's dad, whose daughter just gave birth.

Flashforward: Sun: Sun is finishing brushing her teeth, with the TV on in the background. Suddenly, she thinks that something is wrong with her baby. That's called LABOR, Sun. Or, something technical for distress or something that causes labor to happen anyways and it's a GIRL, Ji Yeon. Later, Hurley comes into town to visit Sun & Baby. It's cute. They then go to visit Jin, in a cemetery. Jin's tombstone reads that he died on Sept. 22, 2004. And I cry on the inside, and am very much confused.

Questions & Comments:
- What happened to Jin? Is he really dead? Or is Sun covering up for him? (Which, at Kate's trial, it seems like the Oceanic Six are.)
- WILD THEORIES: Sun's dad is faking Jin's death. Jin is alive and in the rest of the world - working for Ben.
- Who is the last member of the Oceanic Six? (Or does Aaron count after all?)
- Does Ben have the resources to fake the wreckage of Flight 815?
- Did the boat people originally know about the wreckage when they set sail to go to the island? Did they ever suspect the wreckage was faked - and that is why they were not surprised that the 815'ers are alive?
- Did your brain hurt when you saw Jin's grave? (Mine did. Just wondering.)
- Remember Nikki? Her show, Expose, was playing on the TV before Sun went into labor.

One of the biggest questions is: What happened with Michael? Next week, we find out. Plus, Karl and Alex! Ben! And some previously dead people make an appearance on the show. And someone dies. I've narrowed down my list of candidates to: Jin, Jin, and maybe someone else.

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