Sunday, March 2, 2008

theRecap: Scrubs to ABC?

Welcome to a winter break edition of theRecap, your weekly source for news that you should have known in the land of TV. We've got the roundup on rumors, facts and who is out of a primetime job.

Gossip Girl and Mischa Barton? The most widely discussed rumor of the week would have to be the talk that Mischa Barton was approached to appear on Gossip Girl. GG is headed by Josh Schwartz, who also helmed The OC, which made Mischa a star. In the end, Mischa turned down the part and will not be appearing on television anytime soon.

Idol DUI: Amanda Overmyer was discovered to have had a DUI in the past. Her blood alcohol level was 0.108. She received a suspended sentence of 60 days and 180 days probation, which ended in August, 2007.
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Scrubbing In or Out? The NBC cult hit Scrubs may return for another final season, this time on ABC. Word is the alphabet network wants to pick up the show - which they produce - for 18 episodes as soon as NBC is done with the series. However, NBC still has legal rights to the program and is now threatening to sue ABC for even considering the possibility. The end result is fans still do not know when, or where, the show will end.

Addison looks a little Grey: Private Practice may be closed until fall, but Addison will keep busy enough. News broke this week that Kate Walsh will be headed back to Seattle Grace for a episode to air during May sweeps. Unfortunately, it sounds like her Private Practice crew will stay in California while Addy vacations.

32 million people watched The Oscars, which sounds like a lot, and it is, but amazingly enough, 32 million makes for the least-watched telecast in decades.

Mission: Impossible for a Food Network star. Robert Irvine, star of Dinner: Impossible was discovered to have lied about his credentials, including having designed a wedding cake for Princess Diana. Food Networked investigated and decided not to renew Irvine's contract for additional seasons.

Bree has a sister? The Desperate Housewives character was rumored to have a sister by way of actress Julianne Moore, but unfortunately the acclaimed thespian is not joining the hit program.

Returning to his roots? Billy Ray Cyrus will be the next host on Nashville Star. The reality competition is also moving from USA to NBC. (They're all in the NBC Universal family, don't you know.)

quarterlife not suitable for networks: The creator of the web show quarterlife said that in retrospect, it was a stupid idea to move the show from the web to NBC. (The show lasted one episode before being burned off on Bravo.)

6.9 million people. That's how many watched the season finale of Monk, making it the most-watched episode to-date.

Six more episodes of Lipstick Jungle were ordered by NBC, ensuring that Nico and BoyToy can forever mess around without any real consequences, Wendy can continue her Frasier imitation and Victory can act like she's in her own little annoying show.

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