Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Idol Top 5 Performances

At first, I was skeptical about having this week's theme center around Neil Diamond on American Idol. However, after a lovely video clip reminded audiences that Diamond is a shining example of longevity with over 120 million albums sold over a 4-decade career, I was convinced that he was surprisingly right for the Idol stage. This week was another challenging one for the contestants, and it clearly showed which of the artists were the weakest 'links' in the giant machine that is American Idol.

Let's just begin by saying that David Cook is the show's only saving grace. If he doesn't win, then the show's credibility should definitely be questioned. After losing the likes of Carly Smithson and Michael Johns, Cook is the only contestant worth rooting for. David Archuleta has a great voice, but as a mild, easily manipulated 17-yr old, he plays right into the Idol producers hands. Please, let's not have a repeat of last year.

Syesha Mercado also has a strong voice, but as Simon stated, she may be in trouble. Brooke White is also in danger after attempting to tackle "I'm a Believer," which turned out to be excruciatingly cheesy. But if the show--for once--gets rid of who deserves to head home, then Jason Castro should be packing his bags. Yes he's pretty, but that isn't and shouldn't be enough.

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Tune into Fox tonight at 9pm for the results.

*Additional rant: David Archuleta sang "America" and got rave reviews for a smart song choice. The sad part for Michael Johns fans is that was one of the songs the Aussie rocker said he would've chosen had he still been around.

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Anonymous said...

i thought jason should've went home last week and definately think he should go home this week