Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Idol Top 6 Performances

In the past on American Idol, contestants were advised to stay away from being too theatrical because broadway voices were considered a negative connotation. Despite this, producers thought it was be a good idea to have this week's theme center on songs composed and written by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. Not only was it a bit odd, especially considering it is following Mariah Carey week, but it was also rather difficult for the group of contestants. Nevertheless, it seemed to offer them a great challenge, which only a handful of the Idols could properly handle.
Last week Kristy Lee Cook was voted off (finally). In comparison to the boos and shock of MJ's elimination the week prior, few were upset by this week's results. To be fair, Cook was really improving and did have a great voice. Though, I'm sure most of us felt it was her time to go.
According to recaps of tonight's performances, Syesha Mercardo stepped up and gave a performance full of personality. Carly Smithson and the Davids were also said to give solid performances. Brooke White and Jason Castro struggled, and they are probably the two contestants most likley in danger.
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Tune into Fox tonight at 9pm for the results.

*Random musings: The themes for the past two weeks have made this sad Idol fan miss Michael Johns. If anyone could've belted out Carey's diva songs or Lord Andrew's showtunes, it would've been MJ. Though, this is coming from a distraught fan. So, in other words, don't mind me.

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