Saturday, May 24, 2008

I saw a tornado on LIVE TV

I was in my room, enjoying a mid-afternoon snack after having mowed the lawn. Buzz came into the room - enjoying the last few days of sharing a room with me, I'm sure - and turned on the television in order to play GameCube. The television had last been on the FOX News Channel, you see. So he turned it on and my eyes instinctively went to see what was on. He had quickly hit the "Input" button to get to the gaming system. But in that brief second, I recognized something. Something amazingly incredible, rare and magnificent. THIS:
A TORNADO. On live television. Taken with one of those helicopter cameras that can zoom in for miles and miles.

Normally when you get to see a tornado video, it's edited. All the choppy parts are gone, only the highlights are left. And it's usually not more than a minute or two. This video was real, raw and long. We saw the tornado go back up into the cloud, then come back down and hit the ground. Over and over again. It was almost chilling to realize that you were seeing this big, black thing as it actually happened.

If you want to see the video of that broadcast, click below:

Part One

Part Two

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