Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heroes season three brings it back around

Hit TV series, "Heroes" gets back on track with its season three conclusion yesterday night.

For most of season two, and season three, the show seemed lost in an endless cycle of killing off heroes, just as fast as they were introduced. There appeared to be no rhyme or reason to "Heroes," and many were thinking, what's the point? Was the sketchy plot of season two, and the chaotic hodge-podge of characters at the start of season three a poor attempt to keep a show past its prime rolling in the dough?

Finally came the answer. No. With the dramatic ending of volume three, we finally get what we have been waiting for; direction.

Nathan Petrelli, played by Adrian Pasdar, is planning to deport people who exhibit special abilities. The Petrelli brothers go head to head, Peter trying to stop Nathan before he exposes them all.

At long last, our lovable Ando gets powers, and just in time, now that Hero has lost his. Talk about role-reversal. And what happened to the catalyst?

"Heroes" is finally at a point where the characters are all tied together, in search of a common goal. Sound familiar?

It is. In season one, there was a single phrase that left us all cancelling our Monday night plans to tune in, "Save the cheerleader; save the world."

And now we once again, the heroes unite in a common goal. This time they will have to save themselves, and determine which side they are on. Will they be heroes, or villains?

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Charles Jurries said...

It is about time the show started to have some kind of focus. It has been aimless for too long.

Not to mention, the story named "Villains" contained very little villainy. Instead, it was a half-philosophical "no one is evil, no one is good" exercise, which proved to just muddle and confuse the show even more.

Peter, who used to be trying to fight for a better world, to become a better person, has become like Milo's other character, Jesse, from Gilmore Girls. He is just a stuck-up recluse who whines more than does anything. If he were to die, after how his character has been treated, I would probably be glad.

Mohinder needs something new to do. Everything he does winds up backfiring. He always winds up working for the bad guys. The fact that HRG hasn't killed him by now just to prevent further disasters from happening is a bit far-fetched.

I feel terrible for actress Ali Larter. She chews up her scenes, but having to play Niki/Jessica/Tracy, three people who all have had bad dialougue and less than thrilling plotlines, cannot be the most exciting thing to get out of bed to play.

Then there's Hiro. Cut his scenes out of this "volume" and you lose nothing. I realize he is a popular character, but if there's nothing for him to do, let him sit out a volume. Better that than have him become the Kim Bauer (24, FOX) of the show.

I've heard that while the next volume takes a few missteps, it is overall an improvement on Villains. Which, I mean, its hard NOT to be an improvement. But I'll be glad for it just the same.