Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Idol Thoughts", WGA Strike, Terminator & Others

- I saw the last half of American Idol last night. Is it wrong of me that I was glad when the perky beauty queen got the boot? She was even given a totally fair shot then complained that she didn't. What a drama queen. Also, I don't really like the nerd (the one who kind of looks like Rob Bell from Mars Hill Bible Church), but he is a "character" and will probably last for a while. Also, I cannot wait for the Top 24 so I can start getting to know these people. Except, I am already in love with Syesha (the girl who was saving her voice). *sigh*

- The WGA strike is over! Click here to see if your favorite show is coming back this season or not.

- I haven't had a chance to watch Terminator yet this week. (And I really want to!) I'll have the recap when I get a chance.

- When Saturday Night Live comes back, Tina Fey will be hosting.

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