Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lipstick Jungle: Chapter 2: Nothing Sacred

May I be honest about how I feel about this show? It feels disjointed. I know it's still episode two and some shows need a full season to find their feet, but it feels like three different shows, edited together into one melodramatic hour. And honestly, Victory feels more like a Halliwell sister than anything else. When she was running around the city, looking for her hat, I expected to see Prue and Phoebe by her side. And how on earth did the show bag Julian Sands(pictured, left)? He is far too talented to be playing Nico's boss on a show like this. Anyways, let's get to the rest of the recap.

Recap: All rich girls are snots. There. I SAID IT. Victory's assistant is stealing and selling stuff as she leaves for a new career, and causes Victory to go crazy obsessive about her past, before realizing that she's a designer so she can just grow up and design stuff, isn't that right, girlfriend? Wendy's new movie had a good opening weekend, but a former nanny is writing a tell-all book about how she's a bad mother and how her husband is a bumbling fool, and nothing she can do will stop the book. (Yeah, that kind of sucks.) Meanwhile, Nico loses - and regains - a photo shoot with the Royals for Bonfire. Have we even SEEN a copy of Bonfire? Can they not Photoshop celebrities on to a fake magazine? Mode on Ugly Betty does this a lot! Or, actually gets the celebrities, which may be Lipstick's problem. Also, Nico continues going out with BoyToy, who looks good naked but is SUCH a sleazeball it's sickening. What's that, iMDB? BoyToy will be around for at least five more episodes? YUCK! And finally, the three ladies continue to hang out together in such awkward and kind of unrealistic ways that I wonder: is the show run by guys?

What worked: The Wendy plotline was the most believable for me this week. Brooke Shield's still needs to settle into her character a bit more, but her TV husband has his character down solid, and together they make for convincing-enough television. Kim Raver rocks her scenes, pointless though they may be.

What didn't work: I would have a lot more sympathy for Nico cheating on her husband if we would see more than five seconds of him an episode. He's a boring husband? Really? Because we literally haven't noticed. MAN that annoys me. Also, even though Lindsay Price is pouring her heart into the character, Victory feels completely out of place in this show. And between Bonfire's Nico and Mode's Daniel Meade, do heads of fashion magazines actually have no job and just do the nasty whenever they want? TV, I learn this stuff from you, so teach me accurately, okay? Okay.

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