Sunday, February 17, 2008

365 Days to Deadline

In one year, terrestrial television as we know it will change. No longer will you be using those old rabbit years, held together with duct tape, having to hold on to one end while you are watching TV, just so you get reception. (Oh, how I have been there.) In one year, you will not be getting the analog signal from your television stations any longer. Instead, it will be a digital signal. One requiring a digital television, or at the least, a digital converter box for your set.

There will be more information on this in the coming year on this blog, on-line and perhaps in The Collegiate, about how to prepare yourself for the coming transition. For instance, is there a difference between digital TV and HDTV? (Answer: Yes!) Will all my local channels remain at their same number? (Answer: Looks like... No!) And will this change affect my cable? (Answer: No!)

The change to digital TV will be a remarkable experiment, one with many headaches, sure, but it will benefit the consumer greatly. Stay tuned throughout the year for our special coverage of Deadline: Digital TV.

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