Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lipstick Jungle: Chapter Three: Pink Poision

Another week brings another Lipstick Jungle. This week's "chapter" is entitled Pink Poison, or as I like to call it, NBC hasn't cancelled this show by now? Folks, this show is still uneven. It feels like three bad shows jumbled together without a care. Of course, I say this as a guy, and the show is not made for a guy. But speaking generally about rules of pacing, cohesiveness and consistent writing, it's not a great show. And this week wasn't even passable as mindless filth (which, isn't that what NBC is now? Mindless trash?), it was boring and hard to keep my attention. Let's see what our egotistical millionaires who are completely real are up to this week.

The recap: Show #1: Nico's Bonfire magazine continues to work with the Prince Harry shoot. I have yet to see a copy of Bonfire magazine on the show. Nico feels guilty for going out with horny BoyToy, who clearly has no sense of boundaries or when making out is or is not appropriate. Nico comes to her senses and dumps BoyToy. If, by dumping, you mean getting him fired. He's upset, hurt and confused, and really, still horny and wants to get it on. Ew. We finally see more of Nico's husband, who is a book nerd but treats Nico extremely well and is a great husband. For shame, Nico! You cheated on that? BoyToy is still wounded and then sues Nico for sexual harasement. (Probably persuaded by Nico's rival.)

Show #2: Wendy is still suffering the fallout from that new tell-all book. UppityPublisher (who is so over-the-top, it's actually fun to watch) wants Wendy to feel rejected, because Wendy rejected her years ago, or some stupid nonsense. It doesn't matter. Wendy's daughter doesn't have a cell phone, and is upset. Said daughter gets dragged along to a luncheon, where she is persuaded by a movie star brat that daughter is being used as a publicity tool. Daughter gets upset, UppityPublisher get's a coat ruined, and basically Wendy overtakes UppityPublisher's office? And the daughter is happy to have a horrible mom like Wendy? It... felt like a Frasier plot, except, dumb.

Show #3: The worst show of them all! Victory, Victory, Victory. She hires a guy who reminds me of Tucker Carlson for some reason as her new assistant. Her billionaire friend doesn't have friends and hates meeting Victory's friends. So he flies out to Paris, blah blah blah, he still hates personal contact, Victory cannot imagine that her boyfriends wouldn't just totally immerse their soul into her demoness realms and assume her life completely without compromise, and... it just hurts to watch these Victory scenes. It's not the fault of the actress, it's a crappy character with bad plots.

Also, all three of these women take time out from their busy lives to go shoe shopping. In the middle of a work day. Uh, seriously? Because Nico just finished a photo shoot with ROYALTY, so I think she'd be busy. And Wendy kind of runs a movie company. How do they get this time?

What worked: The show was one hour long.

What didn't work: See recap above.

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