Saturday, February 23, 2008

theRecap: Las Vegas Cancelled

Welcome to theRecap for the week of Feb. 17-23, 2008. I'm your author, Charles Jurries, bringing you the best links the internet can afford. What did you miss in television news this week? Probably a lot of cancellations! Let's get to the news.

- I hope Josh Duhamel got a lot of money for doing Transformers; his Las Vegas show got the ax this week.
- Bionic Woman was also laid to rest. Not that there was any doubt...
- Women's Murder Club is NOT dead!
- The new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced this week.
- Dora the Explorer is going live action for a TV movie. No joke!
- NBC announced that it, like FOX, will have a year-round schedule, instead of the old-fashioned fall-centric schedule. Knowing Ben Silverman, it will all be mindless, contentless reality shows.
- Jesse L. Martin leaves Law & Order, guy from K-Ville replaces him.
- There is a semi-spoilerish, no-holds barred interview with the Lost producers. Including an answer to how soon it will be before we know who all the Oceanic Six are!
- Nip/Tuck had it's worst-rated season finale yet. It seems Julien McMahon hasn't been able to use his acting powers to make people feel Charmed. (Go ahead, slap me for that.)
- A new trailer for The Hills was released this week.
- No one really knows what's exactly up with Friday Night Lights, but it sounds promising. If the show isn't dead, it may be shared with another network or moved altogether off of NBC. Besides, FNL is a scripted show, so it probably doesn't fit well with the new NBC. (Zing!)

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