Sunday, February 24, 2008

TV Highlights for Feb. 25 - March 2

Here are your television highlights for this week:

Kyle XY is all new again on ABC Family.
A Raisin in the Sun, a TV movie, airs on ABC at 8.
FOX has a new Moment of Truth, followed by a new Terminator. (I don't get the pairing either.)
NBC has a new Deal or No Deal, My Dad is Better than Your Dad and Medium.
CW has a new Girlicious. If you can watch the whole hour, you'll lose weight! You'll have one ounce less of dignity left. (Cheap shot, I know.)
Steve Martin alert: TVLand is playing The Jerk at night.

Primetime returns to ABC at 10.
American Idol is 90-minutes long on FOX.
CBS has Big Brother and Jericho, only one of which is anybody watching, fanboys.
NBC has a new Quarterlife at 10. It is boring, vapid and uninspired, perfect for the new NBC!
One Tree Hill is new on the CW. Will K-Fed be punched again? If so, I'll totally watch.
E! has the 30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds at 8.
Before she had twins: Jennifer Lopez stars in Maid in Manhattan on FX.

Men in Trees is on Wednesday nights now (take note) at 10 p.m.
American Idol is 90-minutes long on FOX. Again.
America's Next Top Model and Girlicious are on The CW. Maybe Tyra can be the homecoming queen again!
Cheesy one-liner alert: A&E has a CSI: Miami marathon.
MTV has a new Real World/Road Rules Challenge at 10.

Lost is new at 9, where we get to what happened on the helicopter and we meet some more people!
CBS has a new Survivor on at 8. And folks, I know this may be rerun season anyway, but there is barely anything new on this week AT ALL. It's sad!
Celebrity Apprentice is new at 9 on NBC. Will Omarosa and Piers fight? (Probably.) It's followed by a new Lipstick Jungle, which I will watch and recap for this blog, because... it's something on TV to recap, even though it's awful.
AMC has the Sandra Bullock 2002 film Murder by Numbers at 8.

The Price is Right is on at 8 on CBS.
20/20 is two-hours on ABC, starting at 9. It goes up against a 2-hour Dateline on NBC.
WXSP plays Agent Cody Banks 2 at 8. Yeeeaaah...
ION networ will be playing Aftershock: Earthquake in New York at 8, which is a delightfully cheesy TV movie and I advise everybody to set their VCR's or TiVo's and watch it later.
AMC's obsession with The Matrix continues at 8.

CBS has the movie Secondhand Lions at 8.
WXSP will have the Trumpet awards at 8.
MTV has a new Making the Band 4 at 8.

ABC's new block of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Oprah's Big Give and Here Come the Newlyweds premieres.
FOX has new editions of their comedy programs at night. A new Simpsons... hooray!
A new Quarterlife on NBC at 9.
FX has a new Dirt episode on at 10.

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