Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars Review

Last night, the 80th Annual Academy Awards ceremony were held on ABC. In case you missed it, I held off doing other homework (heh) and live-blogged the whole ceremony for our sister blog, Collegiate on Movies. If you missed the ceremony, here's what you missed:

Not a lot.

I was talking to blogging parter Rebekah today and we both agreed that we were entertained throughout the whole show. In my opinion, it was still a kind of dry show, but there were enough funny bits from Jon Stewart where it made the whole thing entertaining. But apart from the honest speech from the Once music team and Javier Bardem's speech, there were not many standout moments. It was entertaining to watch at the moment, but nothing that really sticks out in my mind the day after.

What worked: I was impressed, though, by Jon Stewart. Some shows have the host on for very little throughout the whole show. But Stewart had a definite presence throughout the program.

What didn't work: Those montages! I actually liked the "horrible" montages of people looking through binoculars, but having the orchestra swell with a sentimental piece every five minutes as we remember shows past? When a seventh of your show is spent remembering other shows, it doesn't say a lot for your confidence in the program, writer's strike or no writer's strike.

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