Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lipstick Jungle: Take the High Road/Carpe Threesome

I know I'm a little behind in these recaps, so I'll keep them short.

This show is boring.

Not the actors or actresses, mind you. Although the actor who plays Kirby was evidentially hired only because of his muscles, because his acting verges on vapid and empty. Thankfully, it's just his eyebrows that do much acting. And his abs. Here's what you missed:

The recap: There was a rumor of a Harry Potter prequel. Nico and Wendy flew out to Scotland to secure rights, but Nico is a backstabber, brought BoyToy along, Wendy found out, and they are no longer BFF's. Nico continues to hook up with BoyToy, but then feels a rush of guilt when her husband has a heart attack and no one can get a hold of Nico because she's busy. With BoyToy. Victory calls up Wendy, and the three hug and cry. Incidentally, Charles and Nico must have no other family or friends near the city, because it is only them at the hospital. In the end, Nico breaks up with BoyToy, AGAIN, to focus on her husband - who is definitely cheating on Nico.

Meanwhile, on the Victory show, she moves in with Joe. But, in a separate bedroom. Even though she has about 300,000 million square miles of house, Victory thought Joe was ready to make a commitment. So, she gets mad like Victory does. Her mysterious benefactor turns out to be bankrolled by Joe, which makes Victory MAD, because that means Joe owns her. She's an independent woman! She only needs her girl friends! So she breaks up with Joe. And then tries having a threesome with a celebrity couple. (No joke...) She later calls Joe back up, wanting to give things another shot, but Joe's sharing his bed with another lady. Awkward!

What worked: If Kim Raver is not, at the least, voted for an Emmy, I will be very mad. She takes her crappy material and makes the most out of it. You could feed her a chocolate chip and she'd turn it into a pan of brownies, is what I'm saying. Her co-stars are great, too, even if the scenes for Brooke Shields are awkward, and Lindsay Price's storylines are just downright stupid.

What didn't work: The writing. If the show can bring back a whole new team of writers, better writers, then the show could actually be GOOD next season. They've got a great cast. The production values are usually pretty good too. Their main problem is horribly childish storylines that make the main characters unlikable. And they need to find a way to bring Victory into the fold somehow. Nico and Wendy's stories often intertwine, but Victory feels like a tag-along, something the writer's throw in to fill time. Either cut her, or make her essential.

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