Sunday, March 30, 2008

theRecap: Prison Break news to lose a head over

Welcome back to theRecap, our weekly feature where we shift through all the gossip to bring you the actual news of the TV week goneby. (And there is a lot of gossip and speculation, too.) Here's what you might have missed:

Prison Break to bring back someone
One of the many people to have died on the popular FOX thriller will be alive and well when the fourth season kicks off next fall. If you don't want to know who it is, please, move to a cave. Because this will be one of the big stories talked about when the new season premieres, and will be heavily hyped. (Spoiler-fillde Story)
Related: Women's Prison Break spin-off still planned. (Same spoiler-filled story)

Juliet Darling not so Dirty Sexy

Samaire Armstrong will not be returning to Dirty Sexy Money next season in a full-time capacity. She is expected to still be in the show, just as a recurring character. (Source)

David Alan Grier's Chocolate News
A new Comedy Central show, David Alan Grief's Chocolate News, has just been given the greenlight by the cable network. The show will take a humorous look at pop culture. The show is expected to premiere in Summer 2009. If the title stays the same, I will be amazed. (Story)

Daytime Emmy's 'court' a new category

The annual awards ceremony celebrating the best in television has added a new category: Best court show. (Story)

FOX refuses to pay 'arbitrary' FCC fine
The FOX broadcasting company is refusing to pay the FCC $91,000 in fines related to Married with Children episodes. (I know! How many college students even know what Married with Children even is?) But the FCC says that sexual activities depicted warrant the fine. (Story)

CNNHL adds comedy
CNN Headlines News will take after FOX News Channel and try their hands at some weekend comedy with Not Just Another Cable News Show, a half-hour program program in the same line as Weekend Update and The Half Hour News Hour. (Story)

Diane Farr will be leaving the spelling-challenged NUMB3RS next season. (Story)

Dollhouse gets a big cast...
...And it's probably filled with newcomers you never heard of. But, it's Joss Whedon, so they are probably excellent actors and actresses. I hope. (Story)

Idol castoff update
This week saw Chikizie get the boot.

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