Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Idol Top 7 Performances

This week on American Idol the theme was Mariah Carey's songbook as the diva was the contestants' mentor. This is a difficult week for songs because it greatly limits what the contestants can sing. However, it also gives them a chance to tackle more contemporary material. With such a talented and diverse group of performers, this week could truly demonstrate who could actually make it in today's music industry.

(Image: The Top 8 performing during last week's evening of Idol Gives Back).

As for last week, Idol had it's annual season shocker as the gorgeously talented Michael Johns was prematurely eliminated. To make matters worse, the producers had Ryan Seacrest send Johns out on a rather cruel note, reminding him and everyone else that no was was eliminated during last year's Idol Gives Back week. Call me crazy, but it seems the backlash has proven that being 'unpredictable' doesn't pay off.

Thus with the departure of the "Glossy Aussie"--a nickname created by resident rocker David Cook--I also take my leave of Idol Season 7. I'll continue to post recaps by linking to other sites. And if I end up watching again, I'll return to the former recapping format.

As of now, my fingers are crossed for a David Cook finale versus either David Archuleta or Carly Smithson. They're the top contenders now.

According to recaps of tonight's performances, the Davids were solid once again. Jason Castro and Kristy Lee Cook showed improvement (darn her! would she just leave already?). And lastly, Brooke White, Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson are the ones that might be in danger.

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