Sunday, April 13, 2008

Samantha Who?: The Girlfriend

Wow. I am so behind on my television. I just got to Monday's Samantha Who? on Sunday. I haven't even seen Idol in two weeks! I know. It is completely horrible. Thankfully, lots of primetime television is now online, so I can watch at my pleasure. (When I'm not watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show, that is.)

You know what this show kind of reminds me of? Frasier. Not in that it's a deep intellectual show. And unlike Frasier, Samantha Who? tends to be funny throughout without switching to drama. But I think this is the rare show where they can take their characters, throw them into any situation or relationship, and it works out just fine. While shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Office and Two and a Half Men get a lot of press, this little gem just keeps plugging along with or without guest stars, spin-offs or what-not.

Monday's episode had Samantha having to pretend to live in her apartment with Todd and his girlfriend, Kiele Sanchez. I realize she was only on-screen on Lost for about 30 minutes total, but who knew Kiele was such a terrific actress? And funny, too. The subplot involved Dena and Regina getting wasted and acting out their childhood frustrations. It involved makeup, a rabbit and a turtle... it's better if you see it.

What worked: Uh... everything? First off, both Christina Applegate and Kiele Sanchez were amazing. So was everyone else (no bad acting marks this week!), but these two really shined. The Newly's poultry fascination was once again in full force, with Howard absent this week because he was at some sort of rooster convention. I... love whatever this show does.

What didn't work: Not enough Andrea. The scene with the doorman seemed to tie up the storyline a little too neatly, but the doorman is neat enough where I can let it slide. I don't want to seem like I'm not critical of TV, I am. (See: Lipstick Jungle, Lost) But this episode was a nice little slice of TV heaven.

Next episode: "The Boss," guest starring Timothy Olyphant as a wealthy businessman who proposes to Sam, stirring up some rivalry against Andrea. Airing at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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