Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Idol Top 3 Performances

Time has certainly flown by for Season 7 of American Idol. It seems like just yesterday that viewers were being introduced to the Top 24, where early fan favorites Brooke White and Jason Castro were standing out as true competitors. Who would've thought that they would later become the contestants we couldn't wait to get rid of? And even though we knew David Cook and David Archuleta were forces to be reckoned with, I doubt anybody expected the big voices of Michael Johns and Carly Smithson to be cut off so soon.

They were several memorable moments, and overall, this has been a decent year on Idol. The Top 12 offered great diversity and talent, though by the time we reached the Top 5, the quality had substantially diminished. However, if it all comes down to a David-vs.-David finale, perhaps the media machine that is Idol can bounce back and treat audiences to a worthwhile finale. My fear is if Syesha Mercado slips into the Top 2, audiences will have to sit through the most unexciting final round in Idol history. Any way you slice it, you can almost guarantee that someone named David will win.

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--> Top 3 Performances Review:

"Tonight, each singer got to sing three super-short songs; one that the judges picked, one of their own choosing, and then the Idol producers came up with the last one. The judge's picks were outstanding, the contestants had good thoughts but poor execution, and the producers' picks were dreadful. I really wish they'd had the singers sing two songs, allowing them to maybe sing a whole song for a change."

--> Performance Recap:

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