Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lost: Addendum

I forgot to mention one of the most obvious subtexts in this week's Lost episode, "Cabin Fever." Locke, who was told in the past he was not meant to be a superhero, must now move an island, which is a task no ordinary person could do. It would take a - wait for it - superhero to move.

However, Locke's emotions have always been easy to manipulate. Especially after you start to show interest in whatever he does. That's how the cop was able to infiltrate the commune, that's how his dad was able to steal a kidney, that's how Ben has been able to manipulate him all these weeks. So when Christian and Claire informed Locke that he needs to move the island, are they really telling him that because they think he's a chosen one? Do they really think he's a chosen one?

Another question that I've been ruminating over is... Who is Abbadon working for? Most of Locke's flashbacks concerned Alpert and his mysterious Mittelos Science outfit. And Alpert is in Ben's camp. (Although maybe not too entirely happy about it.) But Abbadon organized the freighter's team of Frank, Charlotte, Miles and Faraday. And those four are bankrolled by Charles Widmore, who in the future is an enemy of Ben. So it might stand to reason that Abbadon is somehow connected to Widmore.

However, after four flashbacks relating to Ben, can we really believe that there's this clean transition over to a Widmore employee? We can believe Alpert going all about, trying to recruit people for the island. But Abbadon? Why would Widmore try to get Locke to the island? Was Abbadon working for Ben at the time? Is he still working for him now? Was Ben working with Widmore?

With a character steeped in mythology as Abbadon, I find it hard to believe that they showed him in Locke's crippled condition just because they could. There is something more that meets the eye, besides the fact that Locke was constantly being recruited to go to the island all his life. It's the fact that after Alpert, we had ABBADON recruiting Locke that's the real mystery.

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