Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Idol Top 8 Performances

To fit this upcoming Wednesday airing of Idol Gives Back, tonight’s theme was inspirational songs. With such a vast spectrum of songs, the contestants had a lot of freedom and a great chance to impress the judges and audience. However, odd song choices and difficult, hectic scheduling due to Idol Gives Back hurt the evening’s inspirational theme. Instead, the Idol group provided viewers with lackluster performances, many of which we can only hope to forget.

Last week, Ramiele Maluby was voted off. It was especially sad to see her go since it meant Kristy Lee Cook made it through to another round (again!).

(Above: Last week's "It's All Wrong But It's All Right" was a defining moment for Michael Johns.)

· Michael Johns- “Dream On”
This performance was not as memorable or strong as last week’s, but it was decent. As Simon said, it was a good performance but Michael is better when sticking to the more blues, R&B element rather than straight rock.
· Syesha Mercado- “I Believe”
This girl could belt out every single number in creation and the judges would still continue comparing her to the original song artists. Syesha gave a great performance and her voice sounded wonderful, but the judges still don’t show her the love she deserves.
· Jason Castro- “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”
Though it was the most understated performance of this song ever on Idol, Jason’s vocals returned a bit to their former glory. The one thing he could improve upon is ridding himself of those awkward facial expressions.
· Kristy Lee Cook- “Anyway”
Her song choice was probably the most suitable for her style, as it showcased her voice very well. She’s been making smart song selections, which has helped in keeping her here.
· David Cook- “Innocent”
Oh how the high and mighty fall. Though others have stumbled in this competition, this was perhaps the most unusual performance of the night. There were odd key changes that David couldn’t keep up with, and it was weak overall.
· Carly Smithson- “Show Must Go On”
This was the only other performance to rival David Cook’s as the worst of the evening. Carly’s interpretation of inspirational was heavy, angry and stiff. Once again, she was disconnected and far from engaging.
· David Archuleta- “Angels”
Though this wasn’t his best performance, David had the best song choice of the night. He started off a bit weak, but after hitting the chorus, his vocals sounded great. Overall, it was a decent performance.
· Brooke White- “You’ve Got A Friend”
When performing last, viewers expect the best. So when a contestant performs a boring, forgettable song at the end of the night, that singer should be a bit worried. Brooke’s performance was nice, but not original, strong or memorable.

Who Stays & Who Goes
· The Best: There weren’t any truly standout performances of the evening, so it’s difficult to peg who performed the best or worst. Taking improvement into consideration, Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro and possibly Kristy Lee Cook could be considered the best for tonight. David Archuleta was also pretty consistent.
· Middle Ground: Michael Johns’ performance was strong, but it didn’t stack up against the brilliance he demonstrated last week. Brooke White also gave a so-so performance.
· In Danger: If previous weeks are taken into consideration, these two should be safe. Despite this, David Cook and Carly Smithson did give the weakest performances of the evening. David should be safe, but Carly might be in trouble.
Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday night at 7:30 for FOX’s presentation of Idol Gives Back. The results show will be at 8:00pm on Thursday night.
*Note: Image from previous performance night. Photos of tonight not available yet.

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